You Can Quote Me

What do you think of people who, when they are talking, use double-finger quotes? Don’t those people ever get on your nerves? Why don’t they use single-finger quotes in conversation? How are single and double quotes used? Have I reached my question quote-uh?

Don’t quote me, but I don’t recall ever having corrected someone’s air-quote usage, and, unless asked and as I have stated before, I typically never correct anyone’s grammar in conversation.

Use double quotes for (among other things):
A direct quotation: “I’d like more milk,” Sarah said.
A song title: Do you like Shakira’s “Ojos Así”?
An individual TV program: “Walk on Water” is a Grey’s Anatomy episode.
An individual radio program: She listens to “All Things Considered.”
An article title in a magazine/newspaper: “Healing the Heart” is an article in the National Geographic.
A chapter title in a book: “Wipe Out Your Debt” is Chapter 3 in Smart and Simple Financial Strategies for Busy People.

Now that you have this information, I feel much better — and you can quote me.


Your English Quarters
Hallie Belt, M.A. and B.A., English