“Transitioning” from Noun to Verb

Among all of the grammar guffaws I’ve enjoyed since I’ve been in the business, I have especially delighted in… Whom am I kidding? I’ve spent countless nights crying at all of the mistakes I’ve witnessed on a daily basis. 

Here is one that especially pains me: turning innocent, well-meaning nouns into verbs. Certainly, some nouns are also verbs, but turning nouns into verbs when, clearly, they were meant to be only one part of speech is worse than listening to out-of-tune singing; it’s not music to my ears:

Language your way to success.” What? When did language become a verb or even part of a command?
“I was gifted with a new set of grammar books.” Please use them.
“We transitioned him to a new job.” Don’t transition him anymore.

Now I invite you, my loyal readers, to think of more nouns that are used as verbs, and email me all of them so that I can publish this list and, by doing so, encourage the rest of the world never to use these words in this manner again.

You’ll be doing the world a great service.


My English Quarters
Hallie Belt, M.A. and B.A., English