Music to My Ears

Please take time to study the right version of these words and phrases (don’t “asfixiate” your attention on the wrong ones). Wrong is on the left. Right is on the right (not necessarily politically):


All of the sudden All of a sudden
Asfixiated on Fixated on
Asterick Asterisk
Beckon call Beck and call
Between you and I Between you and me
Can’t hardly wait Can hardly wait
Card shark Cardsharp
Chomping at the bit Champing at the bit (either is used, actually)
Concerted effort Concentrated effort (if only one person)
Copywritten Copyrighted (past tense of Copyright)
Cut the mustard Cut the muster
Deep-seeded Deep-seated
Doggy dog world Dog-eat-dog world
Drudged up Dredged up
Drug (past tense verb) Dragged
First come, first serve First come, first served
Flush out our ideas Flesh out our ideas
For all intensive purposes For all intent and purposes
Have your cake and eat it, too Eat your cake and have it, too
Healthy Healthful (people—healthy; fruits—healthful)
Ideallic Ideal or idyllic
In the mist In the midst (in the middle, not in a fog)
Irregardless Regardless
Lacksadaisical Lackadaisical
Lamblasted, sandblasted, slamblasted Lambasted
Lay on the beach Lie on the beach (“I lay on the beach yesterday” is past tense.)
Momento Memento
Orientate Orient
Over-exaggerate Exaggerate

While I’m not saying that hearing the words and phrases used correctly is music to my ears, at least the sound is in tune.


My English Quarters
Hallie Belt, M.A. and B.A., English