Here, There, Everywhere

Most people I know use these phrases incorrectly, so be different: Be grammatically correct.

The phrases in question are there is, there are, here is, and here are. To decide whether to use the singular or plural form of the verb, please look at the noun that follows is or are — or rearrange the sentence to check yourself:

There’s tons of people at Bob’s house” should be “There are tons of people at Bob’s house.” To check yourself, rearrange the sentence: “Tons of people are at Bob’s house.”

Here’s some movies” should be “Here are some movies.” To check yourself, rearrange the sentence: “Some movies are here.

People everywhere (Hallie, in particular) will benefit from your correct use of (t)here is and (t)here are. A couple of lines up I learned that there are some movies here, so let’s start watching them.

My English Quarters
Hallie Belt, M.A. and B.A., English