Be Bold!

Peak of health Pink of health
Predominately Predominantly
Prolong the inevitable Delay the inevitable
Ramsack Ransack
Reason is because/reason why Reason is (that)
Rebel rouser Rabble rouser
Same difference (This is just illogical slang)
Snuck Sneaked
Spitting image Spit and image
Stain glass Stained glass
Theirselves Themselves
Unchartered territory Uncharted territory
Undoubtably Undoubtedly
Unloosen Loosen
Unthaw Thaw
Very unique Unique (meaning: one of a kind)
Visa versa Vice versa
Wait on Wait for (a waiter “waits on” you)
Wet your appetite Whet your appetite
Wimbleton Wimbledon
Wish he would have Wish he had
If I would have known If I had known / Had I known
Without further adieu Without further ado
Worse comes to worse Worse comes to worst
Worse-case scenario Worst-case scenario

Now, you know what you have to do: Use these bold dillies at cocktail parties — stressing the vowels, consonants, and words in question — if you desire that others eschew you.

My English Quarters
Hallie Belt, M.A. and B.A., English